Commercial Credit Analyst II

Department: Credit Administration
Reports to: Credit Administration Manager
Supervises: None
Status: Exempt
Level: Level 2
Location: Sanford (Main Branch)


Evaluates the financial condition of individuals and businesses applying for credit within Sanford Institution for Savings.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree with a focus in either Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, or Finance or two to five years of accounting coursework and prior commercial credit analysis experience.
  • Strong financial analytical abilities.
  • Two to five years of experience with credit systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to independently gather, consolidate, analyze and summarize data to provide well-considered recommendations for all levels of commercial credit relationships.
  • Ability to work on multiple analytical assignments without a loss in quality.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Computer proficency, including proficiency with Word and Excel and solid typing skills.
  • Timeliness, ability to recognize and meet deadlines.

Specific Job Functions:

  • Analyzes loan data on new, renewal and existing loans, including data provided by credit bureaus, other financial institutions.
  • Performs independent analysis of a wide variety of commercial loan requests, including commercial and industrial and commercial real estate loan requests, in a timely manner.
  • Analyzes loan requests of all size and varying degrees of complexity based on experience.
  • Familiar with the bank's commercial loan policy and can identify any deviations from the policy.
  • Familiar with alternative structures to reduce credit risk.
  • Completes a written analysis of each credit including any or all of the following, as applicable: a background summary of the borrowing entity, a management analysis, a financial analysis of the borrowing entity; an analysis of the traditional cash flow/debt service coverage of teh borrowing entity; a collateral analysis; an analysis of any corporate or personal guarantors; financial and traditional cash flow analysis of any related entities; an assessment of the risks and strengths of the credit; and a summary/recommendation supporting the proposed risk rating for each credit analyzed.
  • Credits analyzed will usually be more complex loan requests where borrowers may have complex organizational structures, and/or more complex collateral and/or unique industries. Aggregate exposure for these credits is generally higher requiring management loan committee and/or board approvals.
  • Works independently, under limited supervision, with the opportunity for un-reviewed credit decision making.
  • Establishes, reviews and updates new and existing loan files for SIS on a regular basis.
  • Provides technical advice and assistance and completes special projects related to the Commerical Loan/Commercial Credit Department.

This Job Description describes the essential functions and qualifications of the job described. It is not an exhaustive statement of all the duties, responsibilities or qualifications of the job. This document is not intended to exclude modifications consistent with providing reasonable accommodations for a disability. This is not a contract.