SIS Bank: Message from the President

President's Message — Fall 2017

Different roles, familiar faces, same community banking ethic.

Those have been some of the themes here at SIS Bank over the last few months. It's definitely a new feel for me, now that I'm the voice behind these messages and steering the course at SIS. As was the case with my predecessor, Mark Mickeriz, my goal is to always help keep you, our customer, informed about the strides we continue to take here at the Bank each and every day.

It has certainly been a very exciting and busy time since my transition into the president's role. I am blessed with having such a wonderful group of employees that are not only dedicated, but have a tremendous amount of passion for the organization. Their support and steady leadership have provided a strong springboard to take on my new responsibilities and challenges.

During the summer months, we announced many changes and promotions in the Bank—aside from me being named as president, Anthony Cataldi, Michelle Sheppard, Brenda Keene and Karyn Morin were promoted or given additional roles and responsibilities, while we hired in Catherine Buffum as our new commercial lender. Initially, there was a great deal of work behind the scenes to formulate these changes in each area of the Bank. The actual implementation of those changes then allowed everyone the opportunity to adapt to those new roles and responsibilities. The support from everyone inside and outside the organization has been very supportive and humbling.

As always, we want to make sure our customers are aware of what our goals are; and though the leadership at the top has changed, our message remains consistent. SIS Bank is a strong organization with a tremendous history of steady leadership, as we've always tried to play a critical role in the communities we serve. My goals are to continue that strong tradition, grow the Bank in a profitable manner, and meet the ever-changing marketplace initiatives—including compliance and regulatory challenges, as well as adapting to the rapid changes in our online and electronic banking technology.

These goals are not mutually exclusive, but must be accomplished together in a manner that meets the customer's needs, as well as provides great opportunities for our employees. I'd like to update you on some of the things happening here at the Bank that support those goals:

Community service

We're proud to have been an integral part of several causes in the area through donations, sponsorship and volunteerism over the past few months:

Event sponsorship is another area in which we've been heavily taking part recently. We sponsored car shows at Shapleigh Community Days and most recently at the Acton Fair; while we have Sanford's Great Pumpkin Festival coming up on September 30, and a Car Seat Checkup Event held in conjunction with Safe Kids Maine at Southern Maine Health Care that same day. We're urging families to make reservations for our car seat safety event before heading over to Number One Pond so everyone can enjoy the day's festivities with peace of mind.

Growing portfolio products and services

We hope to grow the Bank, while further meeting the needs of our customers, with our unique groupings of products and services. We package together our offerings into specific bundles for various demographics:

Furthermore, we've got our Business Banking Bundle available for area small business owners. We're also making business simple with new specialized packages for common industries—municipalities, property management, funeral homes, doctors, dentists and veterinarians. We've truly got something for everyone!

Expanded online presence

In order to inform our consumers of such information and offerings, and to keep up with the quick-moving world we live in, we're popping up online in more places. For example, you can now follow us on Instagram by adding We will be posting from fun events and sharing interesting images from people or places we've impacted!

Our new blogger, Cache, has also made his debut at 'Cache' is our tech-savvy Husky mascot who was named by online voting. Fans submitted names, which we narrowed down to six, with the public choosing the technology-financial pun as the winner. In lieu of a prize for the human supplying the winning moniker, we made a donation to Animal Welfare Society in Cache's name.

Also happening online, we've again collected submissions for our annual calendar photo contest. It may not be new, but it sure is a fan favorite, as photographers can submit their images for cash prizes and the chance to be published in our yearly calendar!

Being in this role and helping put all of this together to make for a successful fall is a new experience for me, but I am enjoying the challenges. In the meantime, our customers can rest assured we are, as I said above, the same familiar faces with the same community banking ethic.


Blaine Boudreau