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SIS Bank Provides Generous Donation to the Sanford School Legacy Foundation

Bank to also assist in creating financial literacy program

SIS Bank officials are pleased to announce a gift of $130,000 to the Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation (SSLF) to sponsor the new High School’s main competition gym and outside stadium scoreboard.

The check was presented to Superintendent of Schools, David Theoharides, by SIS’ President and CEO, Blaine Boudreau. To date, the SSLF has raised more than $950,000 towards its $2 million capital campaign for infrastructure and equipment costs at the new High School, Regional Technical Center, Athletic Facilities and Performing Arts Center.

In commenting, Boudreau stated “SIS Bank is pleased to support this very important project. This new, state of the art facility will serve the on-going educational needs of the Sanford community and the surrounding region today and well into the future.”

Allen Lampert, President of SSLF, commented, “From the very beginning of this project, SIS has been a present and active partner in our efforts to support the new school. In addition, to the financial support, SIS is working with the school department to create a comprehensive financial literacy program to help our students become more productive citizens.”

The Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation heads up a capital campaign to raise $2 million for the infrastructure and equipment at the new high school, regional technical center, athletic facilities, and performing arts center.

About the Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation and Alumni Association
The Legacy Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, was created to allow individuals and corporations to provide financial and in-kind support to Sanford Schools. Construction of our new high school, technical center, performing arts center, and athletic facilities presents Sanford with a rare opportunity to provide an unparalleled educational experience for the Sanford community and York County. Public funding for this project is considerable; however, portions of the project need private funding to support infrastructure and equipment. The state does not cover all costs associated with the new school. The foundation is seeking corporate and private partners to provide Sanford with the best educational facility possible. With your help, we can make it happen. Our work will impact every sector in our community.

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Cache's Corner: Apps to Shake Up Your Fall

My mini-humans have gone back to school; my mom and dad humans are starting to get back into their “normal schedules” (I’m not sure I understand this one…they have always been on a schedule), and suddenly I’ve found myself with more alone time in the house! Of course I put this time to good use—looking for new apps and technology on the family iPad to help us all enjoy the coming fall season. And boy, did I find some really cool stuff!

Home Organization: Best Apps for Cleaning House

I’ve noticed my humans do this major house-cleaning thing twice a year, in spring and in fall. They’re always complaining about cleaning out the closets and getting rid of stuff (they declined my offers to donate Clawdia), so I looked into technology to move things along:

Free and Available for Android and iOS

This is just one app of many that allows users to buy and sell their stuff. Coined a combination of eBay and Craigslist, you simply add items to a watch list, and both buyers and sellers can leave feedback over the transaction so you know who to trust. There’s an in-app chat feature so you can send and receive questions and comments instantaneously (like negotiate the offer), and buyers can search listings by category or proximity by entering a zip code!

Free and Available for Android and iOS

Another great app for selling your things is Letgo. Just take a picture of your item and upload it with a description and price. Buyers can view items via the app as well as on the desktop site (sellers can only upload through the app), and buyers can even enter a zip code to see products by category closest to their area! This is a great feature for all us wilderness-lovers, as listings are easily found by both city name and zip code.

Yard Work: Best Apps for Lawn Care and Landscaping

I’ve also noticed around this time of year that my humans go outside and clean up the yard, raking leaves into big piles (that I will obviously be jumping in) and getting the garden ready for flowers to grow in the spring. Here’s what I found to help:

Picture This: Plant Identifier
Free and Available for Android and iOS

No more guessing what that wildflower or weird plant is that’s growing in your yard! With this easy to use app, simply take a photo of the plant in question and watch as your device populates with all you’ll need to know, including full names and how best to water and care for it (or how to get rid of it) from horticultural specialists. You can identify thousands of plants, flowers and trees and you can keep track of what you’ve seen by saving the plant information right in the app.

Free and Available for Android and iOS

While I wish I could help my humans with all the yard work during the year, you could say I’m all paws when it comes to operating those tools. But this nifty app takes all the pain out of landscaping and lawn care—because it connects you to professionals right in your own backyard! (Well, they’re not literally your backyard. That would be weird.) With a fleet of five-star contractors, you can take care of everything from lawn mowing and cleanup to snow removal, gutter cleaning, power washing, driveway sealing and landscaping! Just enter your address and get a free instant quote on the services you need. You’ll even receive real-time job updates and a photo of the completed service when the job is finished, so you can free up your weekend time!

Fall Foliage: Best Apps for Viewing and Identifying Foliage

Everyone who’s anyone in New England knows this is THE place for viewing magnificent fall foliage! But, say you don’t know where to go for the best viewings…I found some nifty apps that can assist you:

Leaf Peepr
Free and Available for Android and iOS

Share photos, write comments and rate the foliage status of your current location to help others find the best foliage spots. Which means you can also review from the user-generated content a completely up-to-the-moment list of where the best viewing spots are, and which ones are past or will be turning colors soon!

Free and Available for iOS only

Another plant identifying app, this great technology focuses on tree species so you can search for trees with the best foliage colors and find out where they grow. Planning a leaf peeping trip will surely be a snap!

Entertainment: Best Apps & Technology for Fall Fairs and Fall TV Shows

Whether you’re an outdoorsman like me (or, shall I say, an outdoorsdog), or prefer the comforts of the couch and blanket (like Clawdia), I have just the technology for you!

Fall County Fairs

New England is also known for its amazing country fall fairs. But maybe you’ve been to the Big E too many times, and you’re looking for a new fair to try out. Look no further than at This website for all New England lovers has just published a list in late August with the Top 12 Fairs in all of New England. The article, which can be found here, includes open dates, a summary of what to expect and direct links for additional information.

Free and Available for Android and iOS

With the fall season comes all those entertaining fall TV shows, but if you’re anything like my humans you’re probably scrambling to find out what shows are airing when and where. Not anymore! With JustWatch, easily set up a list of your favorite shows and find out which channels they are playing on, when they air, where to find past episodes, including on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. It will tell you if shows have to be purchased (for streaming) and makes it easy to toggle between SD and HD prices and settings. You can also browse movies that are in theatres, as well as ones coming out in the future.

I hope you find this list as helpful as my humans do. Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean you need to fall to pieces (ha, get it…fall!). With this handy technology, you’ll be out and about enjoying everything this season has to offer.

Howl at you soon!
Your pawsitively pawesome pal Cache

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Golden Rewards: School is Back, So It's Time to Pack

For most of us, either our kids or grandkids are back to school, and who knows, maybe we're feeling a bit of relief! But, maybe this means there's more time for travel! Our remaining 2018 trips are filling quickly, including our trip to Virginia Beach in October. There are only a few seats remaining, so now is the time to lock up your seat if you're interested!

This month we're highlighting our 2019 Bermuda Cruise, because if you're like us, to think that it's already September has us scrambling to latch onto anything summer! We were able to secure more cabin space for this cruise, so still plenty of opportunity to hop on board.

There is a quick note about next year's Nashville trip. Originally the dates were scheduled for September of 2019, but it has now changed to November. Check out the details below for all of the dates and information needed. If you didn't have a chance to join us on that trip, but November is more friendly to your schedule, give us a call!

As always, for any questions you may have, or for more information, give our Golden Rewards Director, Jackie Roberts a call anytime or send her an email at If you're looking to book a trip, you can always call her at (207) 608-4354.


Outside of the travel program, Golden Rewards program continues to thrive here at SIS Bank, with almost 900 customers experiencing the benefits of free AARP, discounts to local attractions, free identity theft protection services through LifeStages, and so much more. Interested in learning more about the Golden Rewards program? Click here to visit our Golden rewards page.

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Attention Bundle Customers! A Free Seminar Just for You!

Free financial seminars for our product bundle customers is back for another round. This time we have one great seminar for you that may help clear the air a bit on communication. Especially, with your health care provider.

Join SIS on October 23rd at The Town Club in Sanford for Can we talk? Communicating with Healthcare Providers.

This workshop will give you the insight and tools you need to participate as an effective member of your family member’s health care team. Strategies for getting the information you need, as well as communicating to professionals will be discussed.

This is a lunch and learn style seminar, with lunch provided to you, by us! Can we talk? will begin promptly at noon time and will last approximately an hour and a half. If you're a member of an SIS product bundle and would like to attend this seminar, give us a call today at (207) 324-2285 or email You may also bring a guest!

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Securing Your Information Across the Internet of Things

The first full week of August each year is National Fraud Awareness Week. (But protecting your information is a round-the-clock job!) The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team is sharing tips for ensuring your private information remains safe and protected.

As the Internet of Things grows ever larger with added devices, sensors and tags (commonly known as chips that track devices) that communicate with each other, it has become increasingly important to keep tabs on your information and ensure it remains protected. And we don’t just mean information stored on your computer or mobile device.

Assessing the Risk of All Technologies

Yes, your home computer, laptop or tablet certainly should be assessed regularly for security risks and threats. But checking for security issues in today’s world goes beyond just the typical devices we always hear about online.

Think about all the technologically advanced machines we use in everyday life: from cars and appliances, lighting and home security programs, to healthcare devices and even ‘wearables’ like FitBit and iWatch. All of these items contain sensing devices to communicate to other machines, while collecting data you provide to them.

It’s super convenient that your FitBit can track your sleeping, eating and exercising habits, and then can transfer and store that data to other sources, like your computer or FitBit online account. And having a car that directs you to the nearest open parking spot so you can expedite your trip to the mall is definitely helpful. But we have to also acknowledge that this means our devices are sensing, collecting, storing and sharing data about ourselves, and many times we are willfully providing that information.

It’s this interconnectedness between our technologies that has created many new doorways for hackers and cyber criminals alike to access and steal our data. And more than that, these attackers can take advantage of this connectedness to infect many devices at once and gain access to data on a much larger scale.

Tips for Improving the Security of Internet-Enabled Devices

Assessing your security should be a regular habit and not simply a “set it and forget it” mindset. To be sure your internet-enabled devices remain secure, here are three tips you should follow and complete on a regular basis:

  • Check (and Re-Check) Your Settings – While there are advantageous features on certain devices that increase ease of use or convenience, enabling these features may make your device more susceptible to attacks. Always check your security settings before and after turning these functions on and off, to see how your device security is affected by the feature. If device security is compromised with the feature running, you may want to turn the feature off as soon as you’ve completed your task.
  • Update Your Software and Reevaluate Your Settings – Manufacturers are constantly making updates to their software to ensure optimal function of that program (think about those iOS updates our iPhones are constantly providing us). However, sometimes installing the update or patch that has been issued by the manufacturer to fix an issue in the software can open the door for security risk. It’s important to always keep your software up-to-date, but it’s equally important to recheck your security settings to make sure they have not been altered during the update process.
  • Consider Where and When You Connect – When you connect to an internet source you have to remember your are connecting into a portal that millions of other computers are potentially connected to, including cyber criminals. And just because you are not actively using the internet on your device, doesn’t mean the device is not still connected. An option to consider here is turning off the internet accessibility when the device is not in use.

It’s also worth noting, while taken as common knowledge at this point, that it’s just as important to choose strong passwords for accounts and programs that require authentication. This is one of your first lines of defense to keeping your information secure, and you should never store a list of your passwords on any device unless the program you are using is guaranteed protected.

For more tips including other resources for additional information on fraud protection and awareness go to:

You can also contact your local SIS branch Assistant Manager with any questions, comments or concerns about fraud protection. We are always here to listen and to help!

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